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Channel Training - Voice-Enabled Microsoft Teams

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Shane Shapiro
(610) 230-0405

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By now, most of you know that Voice-Enabled Microsoft Teams is a principal objective for Evolve IP in 2020. If it's not one of your main should be!

Microsoft Teams is primed to dominate the Workstream Collaboration market due to its brand and broad-user base. However, Teams doesn't deliver everything that most businesses need including advanced PBX features like overhead paging, call-recording, receptionist software, PSTN dial tone, contact center functionalities, and 24x7x365 support. As a leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) AND a global provider of enterprise telephony solutions built on Cisco, the #1 Enterprise-grade VoIP platform, Evolve IP will emerge as the preeminent thought leader of Voice-Enabled Teams. 

We are in the final stages of completing our "platform-level" integration, which allows us to combine Microsoft's Direct Routing solution with our Cisco VoIP platform, thus allowing end-users to leverage the native Microsoft functionality in Teams without adding an app or 3rd party integrations that are both cumbersome and less intuitive. 

Please join Mike Hamilton, our VP of Product Development, to hear the very latest on our Enterprise Teams solution. 

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